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Updated as at 24 June 2017: From Solitary to Pod Prelude - caution swearing

From Solitary to Pod *Prelude*  – Caution swearing
I walk out of the base annex with the paperwork I need for my temporary transfer to the Dam Neck military base and smile. I was requested by a Missile Tech Chief “Smitty” Smith, who is a friend of my Commanding Officer in New London, Connecticut for the past 6 years, to come here and help with his sub. I love the Navy, its men and other submariners. I rub my dolphins’ badge. This shows I have gone from N.U.B., or a non-useful body, to having a Submarine Warfare Qualification which is symbolized by the dolphins’ insignia. We’re known as the Silent Service and have access to some of the highest confidential information in the military. We are trained and are awarded with our dolphins which symbolize this select group who are to be trusted without fail. The systematic duties and responsibilities my days on base and while at sea give me, coupled with the dolphin’s brotherhood, make me feel satisfied.             I report to MTC "Smithy&q…

Blog layout & writing

Hi Everyone!

As you can probably tell, I've been working on the layout of the blog and getting things set up where it looks half decent.

Also, with my writing, I've been trying to make From Solitary to Pod better. This story is a prelude or start of the Silent Service stories. It is Squid's story of how he got to Dam Neck. As I finish up with getting this under control, with my good friends from my writing class, I'll add to the story with Squid's story.

After Squid's story I might go through with some of the other stories of other guys that interact with Squid.

Keep checking back to see what progress I've made. You can do this by clicking on the Short Stories at the top and finding the one you want.

Start of Writing

Hello world.

I'm Tam Desire and I'm an amateur writer. I put this blog here to share my stories with you. They might or might not be any good, but this is how writers start - or so I've been told. I will be writing tiny bits until I feel I've got the courage to write something more and longer.

Hopefully, you'll continue to read my stories and leave me feedback so I know how I can improve and what is missing. The stories will appear at the top of your screen. This way you can either read my blog to see what's happening, or read what new stories are available without having to read through the other posts.

There might not be much movement, or so there seems, on here, but I'll try and write something I can publish every so often - so please stay tuned!