Life’s Christmas Miracle By Tam Desire

Here's a short story for you... I hope you enjoy it. Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 
I walk over and sit down on the couch grabbing my white wine on the way. I look up at the fire while I put my feet up on the coffee table, lean back and take a drink of my wine. I look around at the room which is lit by the firelight and the Christmas tree.  
Not so long ago, this would have only been a dream, but thankfully today its one I can smile with accomplishment. I take another sip and think back to how it was when I was growing up as a daughter to a shift worker in a factory and most of the time there not being anything around for Christmas because Mom’s paycheck just didn’t stretch that far. We did have a tree, but it was the only one we’ve ever had and after so many years its looking more like Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree rather than a proper one.  
Even on Christmas day, rather than exchange gifts, we’d sit around and wish each other a Merry Christmas b…

Slowing down

Hi Everyone!

I haven't forgotten you guys. Life's been getting in the way of writing, but I have just started again. For some reason, Book 3, while being fun to write, is actually taking longer than the others to write. I have no idea why other than other commitments might have been getting in the way.

Anyhow, I do have a present for you... A Christmas short story. Stay tuned.


Book 2 & 3

Hi Everyone

I've pretty much finished writing book 2 of the series. This was done awhile ago, but I needed to take a break.

The break lasted for about 2 weeks before the next story started to call to me. I have a plan for it and I started to write it. However, I've had starts and stops to the book. I'm hoping once the holidays hit, I can take some time and work my way through it.

I've also been thinking, since I've had so many starts and stops to book 3, I might take a break and maybe work on a short story for Christmas.

I think maybe Adam (aka Squid) might like to take a break, but I bet once I get going on the short story, Adam (and his gang) will get busy again...

Stay tuned...

Where am I? Also, Announcement!

I can hear anyone visiting this blog asking where am I as I haven't posted in a few weeks. Sorry.

I've been trying to do the normal life stuff as well as write. Then I start to research and get caught up in it and there goes a whole day of writing. Life as a writer can be frustrating at times.

Anyhow, I have finished a very rough draft of Squid's story. I've given it to someone to read, but they haven't gotten back to me - probably because their life has gotten busy.

What am I working on you ask?
Welll... While writing Squid's story, another member within Squid's circle took to my heart, and so I started to write his story. Its taken me to places I've never dreamed and I've been researching and writing. I think I'm heading towards the end of the current story I'm working on.

Its been an exciting time and researching more than I ever wanted to know...about places and equipment.

I do have an announcement...and I want to see how many…

Updated as at 24 June 2017: From Solitary to Pod Prelude - caution swearing

From Solitary to Pod *Prelude*  – Caution swearing
I walk out of the base annex with the paperwork I need for my temporary transfer to the Dam Neck military base and smile. I was requested by a Missile Tech Chief “Smitty” Smith, who is a friend of my Commanding Officer in New London, Connecticut for the past 6 years, to come here and help with his sub. I love the Navy, its men and other submariners. I rub my dolphins’ badge. This shows I have gone from N.U.B., or a non-useful body, to having a Submarine Warfare Qualification which is symbolized by the dolphins’ insignia. We’re known as the Silent Service and have access to some of the highest confidential information in the military. We are trained and are awarded with our dolphins which symbolize this select group who are to be trusted without fail. The systematic duties and responsibilities my days on base and while at sea give me, coupled with the dolphin’s brotherhood, make me feel satisfied.             I report to MTC "Smithy&q…

Blog layout & writing

Hi Everyone!

As you can probably tell, I've been working on the layout of the blog and getting things set up where it looks half decent.

Also, with my writing, I've been trying to make From Solitary to Pod better. This story is a prelude or start of the Silent Service stories. It is Squid's story of how he got to Dam Neck. As I finish up with getting this under control, with my good friends from my writing class, I'll add to the story with Squid's story.

After Squid's story I might go through with some of the other stories of other guys that interact with Squid.

Keep checking back to see what progress I've made. You can do this by clicking on the Short Stories at the top and finding the one you want.

Start of Writing

Hello world.

I'm Tam Desire and I'm an amateur writer. I put this blog here to share my stories with you. They might or might not be any good, but this is how writers start - or so I've been told. I will be writing tiny bits until I feel I've got the courage to write something more and longer.

Hopefully, you'll continue to read my stories and leave me feedback so I know how I can improve and what is missing. The stories will appear at the top of your screen. This way you can either read my blog to see what's happening, or read what new stories are available without having to read through the other posts.

There might not be much movement, or so there seems, on here, but I'll try and write something I can publish every so often - so please stay tuned!